Dear guests! 

"The restaurant" Kamyanitsa " is a real corner of ancient Belarus. Traditional Belarusian cuisine, unique organic interior and authentic music give you the opportunity to plunge into the golden times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania!


A hearty and delicious lunch in "Kamyanitsa"!

Our dinner menu is diverse and food is nutritious and delicious! Bon appetit!


We expect you on February 17 at the Museum of folk architecture and life on the holiday "Maslenitsa"!

Happy New Year, friends!


Dear friends!

The 7th folkfest "KAMYANITSA" has passed!
Thanks a lot to everyone who came and spent this wonderful day with us! Thank you for your smiles and sparkling eyes!
We're looking forward to meet you at "Kamyanitsa 2016" and now waiting for you in the restaurant!

Photo report you can find in the "News".


We are waiting for you at our 7th annual FOLK MUSIC FESTIVAL "KAMYANITSA",
which will take place in the Belarusian state museum of national architecture and rural lifestyle on 5th September!

Info: +37544 5170812

Dear friends!

We are glad to share with you the joy of winning in annual award "Golden Chef" for THE BEST RESTAURANT OF NATIONAL CUISINE! We are really thankful to our staff, our excellent guests and everybody who supported us. Making you happy is the number one goal for us!



Kamyanitsa received the certificate of quality from TRIP ADVISOR!



The "Kamyanіtsa" Folk Festival celebrates its Fifth Anniversary!

The Fifth "Kamyanіtsa" Folk Festival will be held in the beginning of September. For the first time in its history there will be a tent camp on the site and some other pleasant improvements.

The Festival will traditionally be held on the picturesque grounds of the Museum of Folk Architecture, Rural Life and Craft which is only 4 km away from Minsk and known for its largest collection of Belarusian authentic wooden architecture of XVIII-XX. All the proceeds from ticket sales, as in previous years, will go to the museum, helping to preserve the unique exhibits.
The tickets for the jubilee "Kamyanіtsa" Folk Festival will be sold in advance, and performances will take place on several stages simultaneously. At the Festival you will see the "cream" of the Belarusian folk musicians along with the invited foreign guests.
In 2011 our special guest was Oleg Skripka (Ukraine) with his ethno-disco program, in 2012 we invited "Ivan Kupala" band (Russia) who performed a special program based on the songs of Polesie region in Belarus.


Our Festival is developing and expanding with every year. From now on it is not any more just a Belarusian festival but an international event. It is not just music and authentic landscape but also music, national cuisine, traditional games, arts and craft. There will also be many interesting innovations this time. But the main goal of "Kamyanitsa"remains the same - we want to give the audience the unique atmosphere of harmony which we draw from folk songs and traditions - says Sergei Chegrinets, the coordinator of the festival. The application of musicians, artists, craftsmen for their participation in the festival has already started. All creative people may send their portfolio to Follow the news on our official pages on Facebook and

Dear Guest!

The Grand Duchy of Lithuania was a a great European state covering the territory of present-day Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and parts of Estonia, Moldova, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. It was famous for its unique spirit, brave knights, beautiful ladies, unapproachable castles, pipe music, balls and dinners. Alas, nowadays you cannot find this country on the map. Nevertheless, sometimes you feel it would be so great to put on knightly armor and rush headlong into the battle and after, sitting at the dinner table, raise a glass in honor of the Duke, don't you? Then let us invite you to a journey.

The “Kamyanitsa” Restaurant is a real part of medieval Belarus. As the doors open you immediately find yourselves in another century, saturated with the atmosphere of hospitality and the spirit of knighthood. In “Kamyanitsa” you will forget about the hectic pace of modern life and just indulge in pleasure.

You may choose a place to your liking: the dining-room, the Duke Hall, a bar with big TV-screen and a wide choice of wines and other alcoholic drinks. Take your place at the pine table -- a waitress in national clothes will bring you the menu in leather cover.


It’s enough just to turn over a few pages to find out not only about the dishes our ancestors used to eat but also get to know the most interesting facts of the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

But let’s not forget about meals. A real Belarusian appreciates good food and knows a lot about his traditional cuisine. The dishes in the “Kamyanitsa” Restaurant will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.
So, let’s order one of delicious Belarusian Lithuanian and Polish dishes, which recipes have been carefully kept by cautious housewives.
Now chefs of the “Kamyanitsa” Restaurant take recipes from the Vilnius cooking book “Lithuanian Cook”. Whatever dish you choose, all of them are prepared with love and respect for guests. The food is boiled, charbroiled, jugged. No fast food, only traditional Belarusian cuisine.
It’s good to start solid Belarusian dinner with soup. Let it be cabbage soup with mushrooms or, for instance, Borsch with buckwheat and spareribs. Are you already full? But we’ve just started. Now we can order Lithuanian Zeppelins with meat. Or we can continue with jugged pork. For those who prefer fish, Neman pike perch with wonderful mushroom sauce will be a nice choice. Indeed, it is not so easy to choose a dish. It would be great to taste all of them.


Regular visitors advise to order the dish named “Charka and Shkvarka". 
And now it is time for dessert. The imagination of chefs is not limited to the recipes from the cooking book. Real culinary masterpieces are created based on old Belarusian recipes. Do you want to taste “Maryskiny Prysmaki” or an apple pie I like so much? A sweet tooth will not stay indifferent, I promise.
It is very pleasant to have meals here. But isn’t it even more pleasant to eat your meal while listening to traditional music? Every evening live Belarusian music is played in the “Kamyanitsa” Restaurant. On Fridays you can watch a breath-taking fire-show, just like at a real knight feast. And on Saturdays lovers of medieval dancing dance together with the theatre of medieval culture “Yavaryna".
Traditional Belarusian cuisine, unique organicity of the interior, authentic music give the opportunity to take a dive into the gold age of the country and let a small part of it into your heart.
The doors are shut. It’s raining outside and the biting wind is blowing, streetcars rumble, work is waiting for you… But you are always welcomed back!


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Restaurant "Kamyanitsa" offers catering service (tel. 8 029 693 94 01)