Cold Snacks

Men's snack brisket in peasant style, salted lard, lard, rye bread, mustard, onion, pickled mushrooms,pickled cucumber, greens 20.00
Traditional fermented vegetables pickled cucumber, mayonnaise cabbage, sauerkraut with cranberries, canned tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, soaked garlic, salad, pickled cucumber 16.00
Farm style meat and vegetables pork ham, poultry roll, country fried sausage, pickles, pickled tomato, horseradish, greens 22.00
Polish style herring herring, onion, fermented cucumber, apple, rye bread, balsamic dressing, greens 10.50
Salmon snacks salty salmon, fresh cucumber, arugula, lemon, green dressing 17.00
For each shot its own snack set of 5 settings and snacks to them 25.00
Fresh vegetables fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet pepper, greens 9.00

Eggplant stuffed with cheese and nuts eggplants, garlic, cheese, walnuts,fresh tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, green salad, mayonnaise 17.00
Ham rolls with horseradish ham, horseradish, fresh cucumber, fresh tomato, green salad 10.00
Мushrooms with onions pickled mushrooms, onion, oil, greens 10.00
Beer’s sundries cheese balls, spicy lavash with cheese, puff pastry sticks with pepper, fried salted nuts, spicy chili sauce 12.00
Garlic сroutons rye bread, garlic, salt, pepper, oil, hot sauce, sweet chili sauce 6.00
lemon 2.00

Lord's present cured pork fillet, cured poultry, cured countrystyle sausage, cured balyk, horseradish, mustard, cucumber, sweet pepper, greens        
Bread slices served with salmon bread, cream cheese, salmon, fresh cucumber, greens sauce, arugula        
Bread slices served with sun-dried tomatos bread, sun-dried tomato, cream cheese, greens sauce, arugula