Hot dishes

Prazhaneena pork, smoked bacon, prunes, fresh peppers, onions, pickles, potatoes, sour cream, cheese, greens 19.00
Machanka "Panskaja" pork rib, homemade sausage, cream sauce, smoked brisket, porcini mushrooms and onions, wheat custard pancakes 23.00
Pechisto beef beef tenderloin, potatoes, celery, cranberry sauce, greens 38.00
Trotter in Vilnia pork drumstick, honey, mustard (sold by weight) 30.00
Garnish to trotter in Vilnia (Served only wiht) sauerkraut with onions and cranberries, pickled cucumber, garlic, herbs 7.00

Meat merchant style рork, potato pancakes, cabbage salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, greens 24.00
Frying Pan from Lavon boiled potatoes, fried mushrooms, smoked bacon, onions, fried egg, sauerkraut, greens 12.00
Radziwill style meat beef, cherry sauce with wine, potato pancakes, leek, greens 29.00

Big piece of meat pork neck, potatoes, onion, mushrooms, pickled cucumber, pickled tomato, tomato sauce with onions, greens