Belarusian Karchma

Who ever said that there are no such things as time machines? Don't believe them! There are, and what's amazing is that your very own car can turn into one; put your foot down lightly on the accelerator and - just four kilometres from the ring road - you're back in the nineteenth century! 'It isn't possible', you are going to say. Oh yes, it is!

You need proof? OK, no problem: just drive past the open-air car market, through a little place called Aziartso and turn left. And there it is - a miracle has happened. The nineteenth century is all around you. A little farmhouse stands on the high ground, then the land slopes down to the river Ptsich. A bit to one side and a wonderful sight opens up before you - a windmill in full sail. Take another step and you'll see a Uniate Church just inviting you to drop in.

And then you come to our Belarusian Inn. Before the building was moved here to the national open-air museum of folk architecture, it used to stand somewhere in the area of the little old town of Niasvizh. It hasn't changed for over two hundred years. Here in this charming little thatched restaurant you will find all the warmth and hospitality of long ago. Go on in: there's a really great welcome waiting for you, as well as a comfortable place on a wide bench at a big bright wooden table.


Now do you remember how it used to be when you went to visit granny? No matter if there is a whole noisy crowd of you - no one is going to mind!

There's another surprise in store - our Belarusian menu with a fabulous range of tasty dishes! There are thick stew-like soups to savour - the spicy salyanka, the purple beetroot borshch. All the salads you could wish for - with mayonnaise, our own special dressing or with olive oil... There's fish - a local fish called zander baked in the oven. And as for meat - pork done the way the Grand Dukes used to eat it in the olden days, veal (Troitskaia), home-made sausage wrapped in bacon. The bread is hot and freshly baked, the beer comes straight from the barrel. There's simply no way we can list everything on offer and you will need more than one visit to try it all!

This is just the place to celebrate Mardi Gras, Easter and Christmas in true traditional style. And for something really unusual these days - come here for a wedding breakfast in the old Belarusian style. That will be something you'll remember for the rest of your life!

It's a great place for friends to get together or for a fête on a special occasion. If you can imagine it, you can make it come true here.

Just come over and let us prove you that wonders do happen!

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Vyaskovy salad cucumber, tomato, radish, lettuce, green onion, dill, sour cream 58000
Svyatochny salad chiken fillet, smoked meat, mushrooms, lettuce, greens, mayonnaise, parsley 55000
Shlyahtich salad vegetables, homemade sausage, cheese sauce 75000

Cold Appetizers:

Selyanskaya appetizer salty bacon, sausage, coleslaw, pickled cucumbers, lettuce and cranberry sauce with horseradish 125000

Additional Courses:

Bread 500
Butter 12000

Main dishes:

Draniki (potato pancakes) with pork and mushrooms in the pot potato pancakes, pork, bulb onions, champignions, sourcream, spices, greens 131000
Pryazhentsy (potato cakes) with mushrooms potato cakes, stuffed mushrooms with spicy sauce, served with marinated tomatoes, peppers and herbs 123000
Smazhenina pork, potato, onions, carrots, sourcream, cheese, herbs 127000
Grilled trout with bacon and mushrooms trout, bacon, mushrooms, greens 157000
Meat "Po-kupecheski" pork, potato pancakes, salted bacon, greens 129000
"Granny Dunja's meat pot" pork fillet, beef liver, oil, ham, fresh tomatoes, sweet pepper, bulb onions, apple, oil, pickled cucumber, boiled potatoes, sourcream, cheese, greens 100000
Potato kalduny with meat Potato cakes with meat served with garlic sauce 143000
Kalduny pastry with meat Pastry cakes with meat 102000
Pig ears with garlic in sour cream Pig ears with potatoes, garlic in sour cream, dill 100000
Vereschaka home-made sausage with corned bacon haricot sturgeon with dumplings in a pot 120000


Mushroom soup mushrooms, potatoes, barley, carrots, buld onions, sourcream, spices, greens 49000
Solyanka beef, smoked meat, raw - smoked sausage, pork kidneys, pickled cucumbers, lemon, sour cream, spices, greens 40000
Borsch with pork ribs beef, potato, onions, greens, cabbage, carrot, garlic, pepper, backwheat, pork ribs 42000

Side dishes: